Coming Soon: Speak Easy

At one point in time, all you needed was an empty crate. If you flipped over a soapbox, stood high, and spoke loud, your message would be heard by many.

Now, if you have an idea, a thought, a passion burning in you, there are very few places to speak up. Stand-up comedy, poetry slams, social media posts are potent and effective mediums for your message. But there is something unique about original oratories, spoken live in front of an audience.

Speak Up Stories presents Speak Easy: an evening of good food, great drinks, and even better ideas through the classical art of public speaking. This event is an opportunity for burning thoughts, aspiring speakers, and great ideas to take the stage.

Coming soon to Des Moines, Iowa! If you are interested in performing, hosting, or attending, please contact us today!


Kevin J. Pokorny

“I met with Erik to brush up on my presentation skills. Little did I know how much I was going to learn even though I’ve presented for over 30 years. I learned new techniques in how to open up my presentation, the valuable use of telling stories, when and how to use humor, tips in conveying my presentation via my face, and how to have an effective close. But the most valuable part of our time together was his ability to make me feel comfortable and to talk about my presentation style in a personal way. Erik is an engaging coach with his full attention on you. And that is an important part of speaking – giving your full attention to your audience. I highly recommend Erik to anyone to enhance your public speaking or presentation skills and the art of storytelling.”

Kevin J. Pokorny
Pokorny Consulting