Speak Up Skills

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Speak Up Skills


Welcome to Speak Up Skills! This five-lesson curriculum allows you to explore your confidence, power, and joy in speaking. It also gives you a sense of how our full-length speaking programs work, so you can determine what will be the best fit for you and your situation. 

Most importantly, this course allows you to explore your uniqueness as a speaker. Even though we all have similar ideas and similar experiences, only YOU can communicate your message.

Think of it this way: every home has similar elements—they all have a foundation, electricity, walls, doors, and working plumbing. However, your house and my house are entirely different! The same is true for speaking. You have a unique voice and speaking power.

We will build the foundation of your speaking confidence while using your greatest asset: YOU!


This mini course includes feedback from our coaching staff as well as other participants in the group.

We use the Marco Polo app to share feedback, so you will need to download the app and click this link to connect with me directly. You can also search using my name (Erik Dominguez) or phone number (602-510-9709).