🎤 Speak Easy Mastermind🎤

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My first job right out of college was as a high school speech and debate coach in Phoenix, Arizona. This was a high achieving school with a competitive principal who wanted instant results.

My mission: make speech and debate accessible, cool, and popular.

I had my bag of effective recruiting strategies, but one one-liner always seemed to hit home. I would tell students that it is rare to speak a message, thought, story, lesson, or passion to others in a public way when you leave school. And, once you pass that required speech class, the chances to work on your public speaking and storytelling skills are few and far between.

As I transitioned out of the education world, I kept coming back to that fact. If you have a passion to share, your options are highly limited.

Let’s change that reality.

Enter Speak Easy. A Mastermind class and speaking event.

For six weeks, we will dive into speaking and storytelling skills while you craft a 5-10 minute message. It could be a preview of your new keynote, a message to a specific audience, a promotion of your product or service, a way to solve a problem, a tribute to someone near you, or just a good old fashion soapbox speech.

You will do weekly learning and activities. You will get direct feedback and training. You will be part of group coaching calls and individualized coaching sessions. Then we’ll share our message, passion, product, rant, or rave in a live (currently virtual) event in front of a live (currently virtual) audience.

You will get training. You will get feedback. You will get connection and community. Most importantly, you will get a place to share your mind and heart, using your voice and sharing your passion.

Mastermind starts on June 1st.

Misson to making public speaking accessible, cool, and popular coming soon.

Contact me either here or at erik@speakupstories.com to join the mastermind!